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Bedtime mutterings:
* I wish fitted sheets came with a drawstring instead of elastic. Maybe then they wouldn’t shift around so much. You’d just cinch them underneath the mattress like closing a drawstring purse.
* The music of MLP is far too catchy and plays in my head at bedtime for days after I listen to it. Humming the smile song while you’re trying to relax is not helpful.
* I changed litters and this new one is very pungent. Not sure if I can take it or if it will set off headaches.
* Kinda want to go to the renaissance festival this weekend but still not sure if I want to run the risk of running into ex’s and ass hat friends. Also still not sure if I’ve recovered from the renfest burn out I’ve had the past couple years. Nothing good to wear either.
* Bug is keeping guard so the moths and tree frogs on my front door don’t get in and kill us all. What a good.


The potatoes have escaped

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"A Mad Man In A Blue Box" v.2
*Radio Times

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My splash image for @LightGreyArtGallery’s #DreamArcade show!  I’m such a sucker for all things Rococo so being able to take that passion and turn it into a little game was so wonderful.  You can find 3 sample games here (including mine!).  Stay tuned for more info on the show!

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My cat is soft like a bunny.



Face Swap Of The Week: Up.

Kim Jong Il and Bill Clinton going on an adventure.

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